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Conscious Conception

Connecting to Your Own Soul 

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Own Leadership

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Connecting to your Own Body 

Awakening your Censuality and Sexuality 

Emotional Clearing

Blue Diamond Soul transmissions 

Inner Masculine & Feminine practices




  • Feel alone?

    You feel alone on this journey of awakening and want connect with other like minded women on the same path as you! ​

  • Ready to explore?

    You know you have MAGICK inside and you are ready to explore it further! Maybe even share it with the world ​

  • Time to create

    You would like to consciously conceive either a baby or a project/business idea and want help connecting more deeply with your Womb and your creation​

  • Curious?

    You’re curious about Zapheria’s offerings and want to come in closer to the transmission that will support your own growth and evolution. ​

  • Ready for more

    You’re ready to be MORE of your own true Soul led self​

  • Intuition calling...

    You JUST KNOW you are supposed to be here!! Its a feeling, a calling, a knowing!!​



Monthly Membership:

  • Clearing Calls - Dissolve individual and collective conditioning in this monthly clearing call so that you can create from your Consciousness.
  • Connection Calls - Weave and witness the wisdom that emerges in our organic, monthly community calls to unfetter the Feminine in yourself and the world.
  • Oracle Hour - Acquire answers to your most pressing life questions in these bimonthly Q&A calls so that you can fulfill your mission with clarity and confidence.
  • Digital Library - Unlock our full, digital library of resources to deepen your studies at the perfect pace for you.
  • Audio and Video Trainings - Expand your awareness with monthly audio or video trainings on high- vibrational topics such as Womb work, intuition, masculine and feminine energy, sensuality, sexuality and parenting.
  • Premium Episode Access - Enjoy early access to every episode in Zapheria’s new TV series on The Blue Diamond Souls, “Birthing a New Earth.”


Enhance your membership with:

  • Private Mentorship - Luxuriate in private mentorship from Zapheria via WhatsApp direct message. Receive personalised guidance, clearings and transmissions to accelerate your journey.
  • Exclusive Discounts - Savor generous discounts on all our other offerings to continually birth your Soul.


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Online community for women

Monthly Membership: USD $111/month USD $77/month

VIP Membership: USD $222/month



Zapheria is the Lead teacher for The Spiral School of Awakening, Head Priestess of The Temple of Armella, Co-creator of Womb Spiral, Author of The Blue Diamond Souls and Mentor to todays leaders. At the core of all of her offerings is the ability to free people from the pain and suffering of the past and point them in the direction of their Soul’s true calling. An advocate for everyone having the opportunity to be fully themselves in this crazy world we live in, Zapheria is connecting us back to the sacredness of ourselves and supporting the collective in raising the vibration of humanity.

Who is Zapheria? Why should you journey with her?


From a young age Zapheria was interested in the world of energy and Magick, often experiencing channeling and mediumship that was confusing to her and was shut down for a number of years. In the last 7 years she has stepped into her true gifts and no longer hides from the world.


On a personal and collective level Zapheria is connecting us back to the sacredness of the Womb. So personally we can release past wounds, traumas, patterning and lineage wounds and as a collective we can raise the vibration of the Collective Womb to a level that welcomes the Diamond Souls to birth into the world at this Imperative time.


A Director of The Spiral Institute, Co-creator of Womb Spiral and Mentor to leaders, Zapheria could chose to go by many titles - however she connects more deeply to the weaving of realities across dimensions of time and space to create a container that brings you back to your true self. From this place you can choose to let go of the constructs of a Title and instead feel what she transmits.


At the core of all of her offerings is the ability to free Humans from the pain and suffering of the past and point them in the direction of their Soul’s true calling.


“The Inner Sanctum is by far the best value spiritual investment I’ve made. The quality and huge library of content as well as the generous inclusions are amazing but most importantly the community Zapheria inspires is warm, welcoming and full of some truly amazing women." - Miffy

"My mind is blown every time I experience a clear within the The Inner Sanctum community. I come into the session not sure if there’s anything that will come up, and by the end I’ve experienced a HUGE shift. Zapheria’s intuition is spot on and she always creates a healing and safe container for us to release what no longer serves us. So grateful for this community!" - Lindsay